Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Spoonful of Sofrito: Delicious 15-Minute Or Less Meals

A Spoonful of Sofrito: A Pinch of advice that will add a lot of flavor to your life.

15-Minute Or Less Recipes

Sofrito Lovers,

Who doesn't love a quick, delicious, and inexpensive meal?  As an amateur cook, I love learning quick recipes that don't require many ingredients and are easily prepared.  There's nothing more satisfying than mastering that type of recipe and adding it to your repertoire.

The Chowhound article posted below features 16 recipes that will take you 15 minutes or less.  Whether you're a dessert junkie, spice fanatic, or soup lover, you'll find two or three selections to satisfy your particular tastes.

After reviewing the list,  I'm planning on preparing the Grasshopper Milkshake, Quick Chicken Pho, and Sauteed Broccoli rabe.  I'm also intrigued by the banana chocolate crepes and the Orange Julius Smoothie, as well!

Do yourself a favor and check out the article below; it'll save you time, money, and will taste amazing!  Read, cook, and ¡Buen Provecho!

Cilantro-Ginger Halibut

Fish is an animal protein that doesn't need much cooking at all. Plus, they're often too delicate to mess with much anyway. You're only working for 15 minutes to make this light, healthy cilantro-ginger halibut recipe. Make your food processor do its job and chop way faster than you can to make a bright, fresh, flavor-packed sauce that enlivens the delicate white fish. Full disclosure: Plan for about 10 more minutes while you let things blend and cook. We think you'll deal.

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