Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Spoonful of Sofrito: New Yorkers Try LA Pizza!

A Spoonful of Sofrito: A pinch of advice that will add a lot of flavor to your life.

New Yorkers Try LA Pizza!

Sofrito Lovers,

The old Chicago vs. New York City pizza beef is taking a back seat to the new L.A. vs. New York City controversy!  Yes, folks, L.A. has thrown its hat into the Pizza championship arena and thefight has started.  Apparently, many foodies are saying that L.A. pizza has it all over New York City style.  I don't know about that!  L.A. style pizza is good, but these odd vegetable, nut, and seed combos seem more like bird feed then pizza, but that's just me!

I've tasted Chicago Deep Dish, Southern style Pizza, and L.A. pizza and I can assure you that nothing is better than NYC style. Am I biased?  Hell, yeah!  Can I be objective? Nope, not at all! 

Check out the BuzzFeed video below as some NYCers taste some L.A. and NYC slices and give their opinions!  Who's got the best slices? Watch, laugh, and learn!

Go taste for yourself! ¡Buen Provecho!

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