Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Spoonful of Sofrito: Puerto Rican bread pudding with rum sauce!

A Spoonful of Sofrito: A Pinch of advice that will add a lot of flavor to your life.

Puerto Rican bread pudding with rum sauce!

Sofrito Lovers,

I have a huge sweet tooth and love to eat desserts, especially the ooey and gooey type covered in syrup or sweets sauces from my neighborhood bakeries.  As I grow as a chef, I've come to realize that it's time for this amateur to start making some desserts for himself.  

I'm going to start with a delicious bread pudding recipe from the FreakinRican Restaurant, one of my favorite YouTube channels.  The FreakinRican Restaurant Channel features amazing Puerto Rican recipes and easy to follow cooking tutorials hosted by sexy Chef Derick Lopez.

This weekend is all bout the pudding, baby!  I'll let you know how it turns out!  Don't wait for me, though, watch the video, make your own pudding, and taste for yourself!  ¡Buen Provecho! 


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