Friday, October 28, 2016

A Spoonful of Sofrito: How to make a delicious Ramen!

A Spoonful of Sofrito: A Pinch of advice that will add a lot of flavor to your life.

How to make a delicious Ramen!

Sofrito Lovers,

Ramen is an amazing versatile food.  Yes, I recognize that the flavor packets are a sodium bomb, that the noodles are a bit sketchy, and that a diet rich with instant Ramen leads to several gastrointestinal issues.  But, if you partake of this vice in moderation and with creative substitution you can create amazing dishes that rival some of the best ramen dishes in NYC.

Trial and error are the keys to healthy and delicious ramen! You have to be willing to experiment with various spices, herbs, veggies, and proteins to transform instant ramen into a culinary work of art. 

Check out this YouTube tutorial from Martin Parrao and start working on your own ramen recipes.  This video has inspired me to think about some Boricua style ramen recipes; lets see what I can come up with when I combine ramen, sofrito, and sazon! 

Watch and then go taste for yourself!  ¡Buen Provecho!

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