Thursday, November 3, 2016

A Spoonful of Sofrito: Coquito Masters Competition!

A Spoonful of Sofrito: A Pinch of advice that will add a lot of flavor to your life.

Coquito Masters Competition!

Sofrito Lovers,

The time has come for the Coquito grand masters in NYC to come together and compete for the title of, "NYS Coquito Master."   This competition is life or death...well, not so much, but the drama is still high pace and intense!

For those of you totally confused, Coquito is a delicious Puerto Rican/Caribbean holiday (mostly Christmas) concoction of rum, coconut, several types of milk, eggs, cinnamon, and other spices.  Think of eggnog, but full of coconut and WAY BETTER TASTING! 

Since 2001,Coquito grand masters have competed for the title of "NYS Coquito Master!" Coquito is delicious and this competition is really fun!  Check out the flyer for the regional competitions below.  I highly recommend you attend and give it a taste; freshly made coquito can truly be incredible!

Go taste for yourself! ¡Buen Provecho!

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